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Applying for Jobs

  • Applying for jobs online:

  • Check the reading age of your website. Can this be read by someone with a reading age of 11 years?

  • Try to avoid requesting handwritten applications or cover notes. Ensure adverts are clearly worded listing only the skills/qualifications that are absolutely essential for the job.

  • Check how long the application process takes.

  • Ensure that the application does not ‘time out’ half–way through and that the candidate can complete it in more than one session.

  • Consider the level of IT skills you actually need for the job, e.g. does someone applying for a job as a shelf stacker need to use the computer?

  • Consider whether online applications are always the best format or are you ‘ruling out’ potential individuals for the job

  • Ensure any web-based application forms are ‘stable’ and boxes don’t move or lose their format when being completed.

  • Offer telephone completion of applications as an alternative.

  • Check if the application can be accessed using a text–to–speech reader.

  • Ensure that the form allows the individual to ask for specific reasonable adjustments for the interview if required, and information on who to contact to arrange this

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