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In the Job

  • Contact Access to Work to ask for an assessment to guide on assisted software or organisational communication assistance.

  • Allocate a mentor to assist a new employee, where appropriate, until they are settled in.

  • Demonstrate as well as discuss new tasks and break down into parts to allow practice first slowly and accurately before building up speed.

  • Ask the employee what support they require and what environments /tasks can cause them a challenge. e.g. noise, sound, movement, changing settings, talking in a large group.

  • Provide the rules of the workplace or training setting.

  • Check for understanding. These should include clothing for different settings, times starting, breaks, etiquette for tea and coffee making, toilet breaks, how to address different colleagues.

  • Discuss specific adjustments as this will be dependent on each individual e.g. alternatives to note taking in meetings; avoidance of making presentations in front of others; need for one base/desk to work from.

  • Consider flexible working hours, such as starting early or staying late if this is a potential challenge e.g. noisy work environment, anxiety travelling when busy.

  • Ask the employee’s preferred means of communication when being given work e.g. verbal, written, email.

  • Discuss if they need assistance with organisation e.g. use of colour coding; diary reminders, setting alarms on computer/phone.

  • Discuss with the employee any particular environmental triggers and work to find reasonable solutions e.g. turn lights off, use of ear plugs.

  • Provide templates/samples of letters, proformas, reports to show what is expected if this is required.

  • Feedback explicitly, and sensitively if there are challenges and agree on actions, record and provide this to the employee and agree review dates

  • Short and regular meetings are useful with one person.

  • Identify priorities for the day/week on a regular basis.

  • Discuss, where possible, expected work in advance.

  • Clearly mark deadlines and review points.

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