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Social and Commiunication / ASC

  • Address the individual by name to ensure they know you are speaking to them.

  • Ask the individual to repeat back what’s been said to make sure they understand. If they don’t, try and explain differently. Show, as well as tell, where you can.

  • If a change is occurring, such as change of staff, work tasks or work setting, describe what will happen beforehand if possible.

  • Ask if there are specific settings that make it harder for the individual to work, such as background noise, bright lighting or group working.

  • Avoid making jokes and using of metaphors, such as ‘get a grip’ etc.

  • Be specific in what you are asking the individual to do. Avoid saying things like ‘in about 5 minutes’.

  • Maintaining eye contact may be harder and may not indicate the individual is not listening to you. Discuss what is comfortable when communicating if appropriate to do so.

  • Avoid using work jargon and acronyms. 

  • Create a list of words and terms used in the work setting.

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