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Coordination / Dyspraxia (DCD)

  • Handwriting may often be difficult to read. Discuss the use of technology, including dictation software.

  • Set-up report templates, where possible, to limit the need for writing.

  • Encourage the individual to take time to practice their typing skills to increase speed and accuracy.

  • Help the individual become organised by sorting paperwork, filing, organising their calendar and setting deadlines for work.

  • Explain how to do new tasks, and allow more time to practice and learn a new skill.

  • Write a list of actions /tasks down so they can see what needs to be done and cross them off as they are completed.

  • Provide guidance on what is expected, and show the individual how to best achieve this.

  • If new skills are introduced, allow additional time for practice.

  • Encourage the individual to list actions or tasks that need to be done at the beginning and end of every day.

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