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Interview Settings

  • Offer the candidate the potential to visit before the interview to orientate themselves.

  • Provide in advance, where possible, timings (and stick to these), your expectations of the candidate, the format and expected outcomes of the interview in good time including address/time of interview, name of interviewers

  • Let all interviewees know beforehand if there are specific tasks to be done and ask if they require any adjustments (separate room, additional time, use of computer or specific software that they usually use).

  •  Ask if they require someone to attend with them.

  • When asking questions be explicit and avoid hypothetical questions e.g. What if…?.

  • Where possible provide a concrete example of what you are wanting from the candidate.

  • Allow candidates to use notes to prompt them if they require this.

  • Ask what adjustments they may need to do the job. (You then need to consider whether you can reasonably deliver them.)

  • Consider a work trial as an alternative to an interview.

  • Give a named point of contact and their contact details.

  • Avoid jokes and sarcasm that may be misinterpreted.

  • Introduce yourselves at the interview and where name badges if possible.

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