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Attention / Concentration / ADHD​​

  • Noisy and / or busy surroundings may make it harder for the individual to focus or understand important information. If possible, discuss what works best for the individual. This could include being away from the ‘main stream’ of traffic, or where appropriate, wear headphones to reduce external noise when concentrating.​

  • Discuss taking breaks in work, even for a few minutes, to refocus. Setting alarms can remind the individual to do this on a regular basis.​

  • Where possible, when giving important information, choose a quiet setting.​

  • Short, regular meetings can help to set and review goals and will help the individual stay on task.​

  • Use colour coding for filing and sorting documents and other information to help to find things more easily.​

  • Discuss setting alarms and creating warnings of deadlines using technology, such as MS Outlook, Google, or on their phones.​

  • Show to how to set up diary systems to record work, targets, and set reminders.

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